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Laddering the HRM Post-Baccalaureate Diploma into a Master's Degree

Laddering the HRM-PBD into an AU Master of Arts - Integrated Studies Degree

An important benefit for HRM Diploma students is the chance to use the courses they have taken in the HRM Diploma towards a Masters of Arts in Integrated Studies degree.

Students interested in earning a credential in the heritage field as well as the MAIS degree should first complete the Diploma in Heritage Resources Management and then complete courses as necessary for the MAIS degree. This route will provide students with the chance to optimize their credits and gain both a professional certification as well as a master’s degree in integrated studies. Students need to be aware, however, that they cannot so easily reverse these steps—that is, go from a MAIS degree to the Diploma without having to take additional courses.

  1. Students who complete the Diploma (including all of its undergraduate competency fields) can use all 18 graduate Heritage Resources Management (HRM) program credits (Herm 501, Issues in Heritage Resources Management; Herm 512, Advanced Methods in Heritage Research; Herm 542, Issues in Planning Historic Places; Herm 561, Advanced Issues in Interpretive Programming; and Herm 691, Heritage Diploma Practicum) towards a MAIS degree.*
  2. MAIS students who are not enrolled in the HRM Program can take any HRM course except Herm 691, the Practicum, which is open only to HRM students who have completed or are enrolled in all the Diploma courses and have cleared the competency requirements of the Diploma.
  3. Students with a HRM Diploma will be required to submit a study plan at the time of their application to the MAIS programme.
  4. HRM Diploma students will be required to pay the MAIS program application fee but not the program admission fee. Transfer evaluation fees are not required since HRM courses are cross listed as MAIS courses.
    • Students who have earned the HRM Diploma have already earned 18 credits towards the MAIS degree and thus will be required to complete 15 additional credits for the MAIS degree. To earn the MAIS degree, such students are required to complete:
    • MAIS 601
    • One MAIS methods course of the student’s choosing and relevant to his or her specialization from MAIS 602, 622, 640, or others as available.
    • MAIS 701. (Please note that students with an HRM Diploma are not eligible for a combined 701/702 (6-credit) project.
    • Two elective MAIS courses appropriate to the student’s study plan.
    • HRM Diploma Students who enrol in MAIS will normally enrol in an independent track, but are not precluded from enrolling in a specialization. The specialization chosen should be one that includes at least one HRM course, but students need to determine if they will be required to take one or two additional courses in order to meet the particular requirements of some streams.
  5. HRM Courses are all cross listed with MAIS courses and are part of the following MAIS specializations:
    • Herm 501—Cultural Studies/History/Community Studies
    • Herm 512—Cultural Studies/History
    • Herm 542—Cultural Studies/Global Change/History
    • Herm 561—Educational Studies/Community Studies/Information Studies

Note: Herm 691 is not assigned to a stream since MAIS students cannot enrol in it. Thus it is treated as a 6-credit unassigned MAIS elective for HRM Diploma students enrolled in MAIS. For fulfillment of stream requirements, however, the Practicum can be assessed by the Director of CIS and the stream steward as credit for a particular stream depending on the Practicum topic. If the student’s Practicum was in museum management, for example, it might be credited toward Governance; if, on the other hand, it was on museum school programmes it might be credited toward Educational Studies. Such allocation will be at the sole discretion of the Director of CIS and the stream steward.

* All courses are 3-credits except for the Practicum which is 6 credits.

Transferring HRM Coursework Into a Graduate Program at Another Institution

All HRM-PBD courses offer rigorous graduate-level training, and they should be recognized for credit at most other post-secondary institutions. However, this is discretionary at each institution, and students are responsible for obtaining the necessary permission to transfer AU courses elsewhere. If you plan to transfer your HRM coursework, please contact the HRM office for more information and recommended procedures.

Updated February 10 2015 by Student & Academic Services

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